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Creativity & Technology & Fitness

This is my eclectic world

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I am Marlon Kuan. Creativity, Technology and Fitness are the three core power that drives me to wake up everyday. They are what I believe, the timeless value of human beings. I found the industries are more willing to have a multidisciplinary person who has skills across different fields, and I truly believe it. My goal is to live in these three realm, use my experience and knowledge to make astonishing changes to the world.


Another thing I want to introduce about myself is that I believe Gender Fluid will be the future of humanity. With more and more people realising that gender is on a spectrum, together, we’ll release more power of our body and our mind.


And that brings out my biggest passion:

Finding a revolutionary way to blend different knowledge together and break the stereotype of gender binary.  And with a broad range of interests, I am delivering great multidisciplinary experience to people. This is my biggest adventure.